master's thesis
Development of the Organizational Structure from Entrepreneurial Phase to Various Forms of Business Networks

Ana Musulin (2016)
University of Zadar
Department of Economics
TitleRazvoj organizacijske strukture od poduzetničke faze do različitih oblika poslovnih mreža
AuthorAna Musulin
Mentor(s)Stipe Belak (thesis advisor)
U ovom radu se istražuje razvoj organizacijskih struktura od poduzetničke faze do različitih oblika poslovnih mreža. Rad je koncipiran na način da čitatelja postupno uvodi u problematiku razvoja organizacijskih struktura. Istražuju se elementi i dimenzije organizacijskih struktura te vrste organizacijskih struktura. Naglašava se važnost poznavanja organizacijskih struktura zbog izbora optimalne organizacijske strukture jer o njemu ovisi uspjeh projektnih aktivnosti. Istražuju se organizacijske strukture poduzetničke faze, zatim funkcijske organizacijske strukture koje podrazumijevaju početni, standardni i razvijeni oblik funkcijske organizacijske strukture. Kako se poduzeće razvija dolazi do potrebe i za novim oblicima strukture, te se javlja divizijska organizacijska struktura, a daljnjim razvojem dolazi do različitih oblika poslovnih mreža čije su prednosti i nedostaci navedeni u radu.
Keywordsorganization organizational structure functional and divisional organizational structure business networks
Parallel title (English)Development of the Organizational Structure from Entrepreneurial Phase to Various Forms of Business Networks
Committee MembersAnita Peša (committee chairperson)
Berislav Bolfek (committee member)
GranterUniversity of Zadar
Lower level organizational unitsDepartment of Economics
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineSOCIAL SCIENCES
Organization and Management
Study programme typeuniversity
Study levelgraduate
Study programmeManagement
Academic title abbreviationmag. oec.
Genremaster's thesis
Language Croatian
Defense date2016-06-27
Parallel abstract (English)
This paper explores the development of the organizational structure from entrepreneurial phase to various forms of business networks. Work is structured in a way that the reader is gradually introduced to the issue of development of organizational structures. The elements and dimensions of the organizational structure and types of organizational structure are explored. It emphasizes the importance of knowing the organizational structure for selection of the optimal organizational structure because the success of the project activities depends on it. It examines the organizational structure of the entrepreneurial phase, then the functional organizational structures that include an initial, standard and developed form of functional organizational structure. As the company develops there is a need for new forms of structure, divisional organizational structure and further development leads to various forms of business networks with their advantages and disadvantages which are mentioned in the work.
Parallel keywords (Croatian)organizacija organizacijska struktura funkcijska i divizijska organizacijska struktura poslovne mreže
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